Fresh off their second issue, Oscura already has their third packed to the brim with brilliant talent: the likes of Brian Sergio (Philippines), Fabio Miguel Roque (Portugal), and Hiro Tanaka (Japan). Through black and white images, often sexual and sometimes raw pieces, these artists foster the appreciation and fear of blunt reality. They, however, are not constricted to the ideology of generally accepted reality, as they tackle the nuances of their own personal realms, often unnoticed by other people.

This speaks volumes on the power and quiet intensity of Oscura, an independent collective that not only focuses on the poignant or the unseen, but also unveils that which is commonplace or ordinary to be profound and at the same supremely honest. Oscura aims to strip down the subject to its more natural state, revealing the core of its identity. Their slogan, “DIY OR DIE!,” is as catchy as they come, but it also reminds people of the stark truth in either doing what they want, getting what they want themselves, or getting lost in the shuffle.

Run by the triumvirate of Gabriele Lopez, Marco Marzocchi, and Nick Arjolas, Oscura has held events in both Milan and Rome in Italy, specifically during last year’s Funzilla Fest – dubbed Rome’s photozine festival – in April 16 to 17 and spazioRAW a month later in May 27 to 29. They have also interviewed Netherlands’ Jamèl van de Pas, who was selected as one of the 100 best emerging Dutch photographers in September 2015.

Oscura‘s two issues can be picked up through their online shop on Facebook or their website. Their third issue, Oscura #3, was recently released last February 2017. The collective’s latest installment should delight those who are intrigued by the obscure, as well as individuals who have a knack for finding personal connections in a string of gritty images.

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