We are born here, we love, we die. Standing up and walking around just fill time between dreams,” exclaims Joe Smith on the foreword of Bedspread’s maiden issue, an intimate photozine that explores the nature of beds and the people lying in them.

Curated by UK-based photographer Jennifer Lo (b. 1988), the anthology strikes a sensuous chord with the way each image is laced with evocative arrangements and eye-catching poses. “Taking photos of beds has always been a recurring notion throughout my images; there’s something I quite like about how a photograph of a seemingly empty bed can conjure so many memories,” she explains.

Jennifer stimulates the readers’ senses further by combining different types of paper in it – semi-transparent rice paper for the introduction, soft purple paper as a dainty divider between text and images, and a crisp white paper for the photographs that intuitively alludes to the feel of bed sheets. Opting to only include analog photographs, the grainy aesthetic adds another layer to the photozine’s tangibility.

She observed similar themes in the works of other photographers and found it refreshing to see the skin-to-sheet dynamic being explored in different angles. Flipping through the pages of Bedspread, one voyeuristically peeks at varying room arrangements and bedroom behaviors. Some of the photographs own a hint of mystery and are open to interpretation, leaving the viewers guessing what transpired before and after they were taken.

All told, Bedspread is more than just a project on documenting beds and the people in them; it is a visual exploration of human beings, of their naked emotions, and the complexity of life lived horizontally.

Jennifer Lo aims for Bedspread to become a platform for film photographers who share the fascination with private moments in bed. Launched in September 2016, the second issue will have a worldwide call for submissions early next month.

© David Richardson (United Kingdom), from ‘Bedspread, Issue 1’
© Li Hui (China), from ‘Bedspread, Issue 1’
© Megan Doherty (Ireland), from ‘Bedspread, Issue 1’
© Nick Prideaux (Thailand), from ‘Bedspread, Issue 1’

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