A scene is but a mere arrangement of elements without the binding force of a personal experience or at least a glint of imagination, which separates the sentimental assemblage from the mundane. Everyone has a story to tell, and such a tale reflects the significance of a landscape, an image, or life itself even.

Frame Zero Workshops’ complementing modules aim to help artists who use the photographic medium to establish authorship in their projects through visual narration and printed publication. The first part, Weaving Photo Stories: The Vitals of Creating a Photo Narrative, advocates visual literacy by coherently stringing together photographs based on a strong narrative and cohesively relating them with one another and to the overall storyline.

Similar to composing a short story in literature, a photo narrative is stitched together by a compelling plot, an engaging theme, and peculiar settings, all of which shall be tackled and applied in this one-day intensive workshop. Our partner instructor, Erin Nøir, will guide you through the entire process, from coming up with ideas, to analyzing photo sets, to compiling a group of images that would constitute a compelling plot.

Weaving Photo Stories: The Vitals of Creating a Photo Narrative is intended for intermediate photographers who carry an existing body of work — to be primed, polished, and molded for publishing. New, old, or works-in-progress are accepted. Participants who would like to further hone their visual creativity may continue with the next session, The Pleasure of Print: The DIY Process of Making a Photozine.

Let your audience see the world differently. Lend us your vision and we will help you build your first anthology.


Participants are required to bring an existing body of work, regardless of genre, even if it’s already concluded or still ongoing, as long as it bears a theme, in digital and print formats:

  • Digital images: A wide selection of at least 40 photographs for initial review. Bring your laptop or tablet with these images ready. Secure a back-up by copying them to a flash drive and also bring it with you.
  • Printed images: A slightly narrowed down selection of 30 to 40 photographs in 4R or 4”x6” size. These do not need to be of exhibition quality; you may have these printed from your default photo labs or your home printers.

Note: If you will be joining The Pleasure of Print: The DIY Process of Making a Photozine as well, you will use the same set of prints.


• Food and drinks for lunch and afternoon snacks
• Certificate of Completion


10 AM to 12 NN
• Class Orientation: Instructor and Participants
• Overview of the Workshop
• Lecture on Photo Narratives: Aesthetics, Language, Intent
• Introduction of the Participants’ Works

– 30 Minutes Break –

12:30 PM to 3 PM
• Individual/Group Editing Session Part 1
• Application of Concepts: Part 1
> Conceptualizing and Curating
• Project Review and Critique: Part 1

– 30 Minutes Break –

3:30 PM to 6 PM
• Individual/Group Editing Session: Part 2
• Application of Concepts: Part 2
> Selecting and Editing or Sequencing
• Project Review and Critique: Part 2
• Group Discussion and Outro


Date and Duration: 04 March 2017 (Saturday) • 10 AM – 6 PM
Venue: Vetro, 135 Congressional Avenue, Project 8, Quezon City, Philippines 1128
Solo Fee: PHP3,500 per person
Package Fee: PHP6,000 per person for both workshops

VERY LIMITED SLOTS ONLY. You can secure your slot by paying in full on/before 01 March 2017 (Wednesday).


If you’re keen on joining Weaving Photo Stories: The Vitals of Creating a Photo Narrative, please send an email to workshops@framezero.media with [Registration – Weaving Photo Stories] as the subject and the following details:

  • Name:
  • Website:
  • Mobile Number:

Do not forget to attach 5 to 10 sample images from your existing photo project, which you plan on bringing to the workshop.

You will receive a reply with the following: Payment Details, Terms & Conditions, and Additional Reminders.


Below are a couple of previews from two photo narratives by our partner instructor. During this workshop, she will be dissecting the processes she did to come up with these as well.



About the Instructor


Born and raised in Manila, Erin Nøir completed two pre-medical degrees in Science before discovering her true love in the Arts through images and words. Formerly the editor-in-chief of Lomography’s international magazine and, recently, the studio manager of Thousandfold, Erin now works full-time as the editor-in-chief of Frame Zero and partly as the managing consultant & curator of Vetro, as she unceasingly progresses her own style and voice in photography.

Erin has created a diverse body of work encompassing various subjects with a diaristic approach — evoking an intimate, mysterious disposition that is distinctly hers. Her works have been exhibited and featured in the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, and Italy. She is an alumnus of Invisible Photographer Asia and the Angkor Photo Workshops.

Since 2015, she does Black and White Film Developing workshops on a regular basis and in 2016, she held her first workshop on Contemporary Photography at De La Salle University in Manila.


Self-awareness is an excursion to the plains and prefectures of the human psyche, particularly those not conventionally visited. I habitually engage in such expeditions. With my camera in tow, I align random scenes with ruminations and arrangements with parcels of memory, to which I view them in hues that are distinctly my own.

My work presents the neutrality of colors and the encouragement to process everyday scenarios with a more personalized shade. Furthermore, noir imagery illustrates solitude and a glint of ambiguity which I find fascinating – like a phantasm: stripped off of hues, but not devoid of spirit. I intend to shed light in seemingly morose scenes in the way films are developed in dark rooms.

More about Erin Nøir: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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If you have any questions related to Frame Zero Workshops, send an email to info@framezero.media with [Inquiry – Workshops] as the subject.