By definition, frame zero is the foremost frame in a roll of film that leads to a series of exposures. As a creative brand, Frame Zero is a movement that influences photographers to continually develop a series of captivating tales and a platform that delves into photography around the world, with particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

We recognize that photographers are storytellers, conveying their tales through images. We chronicle some of the most compelling photo compendiums that we find as well as the image-makers behind them. In doing so, we intend to inspire communities to view photography as a celebrated form of art that is at par with other media in terms of value and ethos. Included in our goals is to solidify photography communities and pave the way for collaborative efforts with photographers from other parts of the globe.

Online Media

Virtually, Frame Zero draws attention to talented image-makers and their photo stories. We depict impression, expression, and emotion conveyed through our virtual presence. Fresh online-exclusive content as well as detailed previews of the tangible version are regularly produced, as we purposely find some of the most talented photographers in the Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. Pictures, trends, and talent are presented in vivid detail for the consumption of anyone who appreciates beauty as well as those who aim to be inspired.

Both our print and our online platforms will feature original content, giving our audience a comprehensive view on photography as well as the talented photographers behind each anthology. Our contributors are composed mainly of photographer – writers, since we intend to encapsulate every nuance, detail, technicality, and visualized exposition of each photo story covered.

Furthermore, we give our readers a peek at notable galleries, culture, photographic trends, and the different photography communities in Southeast Asia.

Print Media

Frame Zero is also a tangible publication that revolves around the different aspects of photography, underscoring the craft as an art form. We cover exclusive photo stories from photographers all across the globe as we touch on the established names, emerging artists, and the talented individuals who deserve more recognition from their peers and the general public.

We hold print in high regard both in photography and as a medium for our stories. The tactility and tangibility of photographs and printed material make them more fragile and more engaging to the senses, which is why in the midst of today’s pixel generation, print is still (and should be) celebrated.